What is Smoke Testing?

Smoke testing..sounds interesting right?

Yes. It is interesting.

Imagine a situation.
You are a tester and a bicycle is a product to be tested. They hand over a vehicle looking like a bicycle. You see that it does not have a chain !

Incomplete Cycle

Will you go ahead and test that bicycle’s functionality like if it is moving when we paddle, if we apply the break, does it stop etc.?

No right? If chain is not provided in the bicycle to be tested, you can test other major functionalities. It is a blocker.

This is where testers do smoke testing.

We will see what is smoke testing a software?

What is Smoke Testing?

Smoke testing is the first type of testing testers carry out.
Whenever a new application build is released to QA, testing team will perform Smoke testing.

Here is the a short video !

What is Smoke Testing Video

Why Smoke testing is performed?

It is carried out to make sure the main functionality of the application is working as expected.
Also, it can be used to check if build is stable enough to carry out regression testing or functionality testing.
Smoke testing will rule out any blocking issues for starting functionality/regression testing.

What are the other names of Smoke testing?

Confidence testing or Build verification testing are the other names of Smoke testing.

What is the outcome of Smoke testing?

Successful smoke testing confirms that the application under test is ready for next level of testing.

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