Charles Babbage Bio

Charles Babbage Biography

Do you know who created or invented computer?

Who doesn’t know computers today?

Everyone knows it. Right?
But do you know who invented the computer?

Its Charles Babbage.

Charles Babbage (PC:Internet)

Charles Babbage is known as ‘Father of Computer‘.

Who is Charles Babbage?

Charles Babbage is a multi-talented genius from England.
He is a mathematician, philosopher, engineer and inventor.

He was the first person to work on Mechanical computer, Cryptography as early as 1845

Charles Babbage Biography

Here are facts about Charles Babbage.

Date of Birth26-December-1791
Birth PlaceLondon, England
FatherBenjamin Babbage
MotherBetsy Plumleigh Babbage
Spouse / WifeGeorgiana Whitmore
KidsBenjamin Herschel
Georgiana Whitmore
Dugald Bromhead
Henry Prevost
EducationKing Edward VI Grammer School
Holmwood Academy
Trinity College, Cambridge
Peterhouse, Cambridge
CareerFellow of Royal Society – 1816
Established Astronomical Society – 1820
Published paper on ‘ Observations on the application of machinery to the computation of mathematical tables’ – 1822
Constructed small mechanical machine to compute table of squares (First computer)
Invented Difference Engine – 1823
Worked with others on Arago’s rotation and electrodynamics – 1825
Published paper on ‘Comparative view of the various institutions for the assurance of lives’ – 1826
Published his Submarine design – 1826
Lucasian Professor of mathematics at Cambridge – 1828 to 1839
Published paper on ‘Reflections on the Decline of Science and some of its Causes’ – 1830
Published ‘Babbage Principle’ on Operation Research – 1832
Worked on Cryptography – 1850 (was kept as military secret)
Major WorksInvented Computer
Invented Difference Engine
Initial Work on Operation Research, which is still used in organizations
Established Astronomical Society
His papers led to the formation of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS)
Independently studied Dendrochronology (study of tree rings)
Other factsHis friend Ada Lovelace is world’s first computer programmer.
He had declined knighthood and Rank of Baronet
MemorialsA crater on the moon is named as ‘Charles Babbage’
‘Charles Babbage Institute’, University of Minnesota
‘Charles Babbage Premium’, annual award for computing
‘The Babbage Programming Language’
DeathDied on 1-October-1871 due to renal inadequacy
Charles Babbage Biography

Where is the brain of Charles Babbage?

Charles Babbage was genius. His brain is preserved- in fact in two different places !

One half of his brain is kept at ‘The Huntairian Museum’, at Royal College of Surgeons, London.
Other half of brain is kept for display at ‘Science Museum’, London.


Everyone of us should be thankful to Charles Babbage for inventing computer. Without his great invention, I think world would be completely different.
Imagine we without computer, internet, cell phone, etc.
THANK YOU Charles !

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