Smart Rings

Do You Know What Are Smart Rings, How They Work?


I was at a party one day. There were many young guys at that party. I noticed a glow in one young man’s finger. I went closer and saw that that glow was coming from a ring he was wearing on his thumb.
Enquiring about it, I came to know that it was a smart ring.

Do You Know What Are Smart Rings?

We all know one ring for sure. That is an engagement ring. Many use the finger rings for makeup and look great. 

Smart Ring

But. there are rings, which are rings used in the fingers. But they are smart. Called as Smart Rings.

Smart rings are wearable electronic devices, mostly connected to your smart phones. They are loaded with censors.

These metallic rings can do much for you. These smart rings can help you to keep track of your health. So smart rings, as of now, are fitness trackers. But they have the ability to expand their scope and help us better in future

Most smart rings provide a wide range of health trackers. Some can also buzz you, whenever a notification, call or message comes to your phone.

What Smart Rings Can Do?

Smart rings can do a lot of things, like smart watches. As of now, their applications can be seen in the health and fitness category. But in the future, smart rings have profound capability to do a lot more things for us.

Now let us see some practical uses of smart rings.

Sleep Monitoring

Smart rings record our sleep patterns – like how long we sleep, are there any sleep disturbances, etc. Based on this data, they do come up with some recommendations for us.

Fitness Tracking

Smart rings can monitor daily activities, like number of steps walked, distance traveled, calories burnt etc,.

Online Security

Using these smart rings,  2 Factor authentication can be achieved to login to any system. 

Contactless Payment

Contactless payment is the emerging trend. This came to limelight during and after the Corona pandemic. Like payment cards, smart rings can be used to make the payment at Point of sales without making contact with devices.

Remote Control

Smart rings can be used as a remote control for smart phones and other smart devices. Tasks include- setting alarm, receiving calls, switching off switches etc,.

How Smart Rings Work?

Smart rings use many technologies. They include Bluetooth, chips, sensors and batteries. The magnetic tape in the smart ring is loaded with a motion sensor, NFC (Near Field Communication) chip, Microcontroller, Bluetooth Chip etc.

Using NFC (where contactless transactions are done), payment can be done, files can be transferred.


Smart ring uses the sensors mounted on it to measure different things like- heart rate, sleep patterns, track walking, pulse rate.

Bluetooth is used to sync the data with other devices like smartphones, smart watches and or laptops.

Which Are the Best Smart Rings To Buy In 2022?

There are lot of options available to buy Smart rings.
Here are some of the latest and best smart rings to buy in 2022.

  • Oura Ring
  • Motiv Smart Ring
  • Token Ring
  • Ultrahuman Ring
  • Movano Ring


Smart rings are tiny electronic devices loaded with a lot of technologies. Though they have limited applications for now, they have abundant scope to grow and help us.
Please do drop your comments below, of you need to know more about these smart rings.

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